AerSMASH-unit voor koelhuizen

Cold stores

AerSMASH helps to keep your refrigerated products fresher for longer by maintaining a clean and pure air quality. Our units eliminate almost all bacteria, fungi and spores from the air, ensuring that the products in your refrigeration units remain fresher for longer.

Refrigeration instead of freezing

Refrigerating is less expensive than freezing. With AerSMASH, you can refrigerate fresh products for longer and not have to move them to a freezer as soon. If you do not have any freezing units in your cold store, with the use of an AerSMASH unit you may be able to refrigerate products that previously you could only store in a freezer. Want specific information and research results from your industry? Don’t hesitate to contact us to receive information specific to your market/customer group at no obligation.

Try it out

You also have the option of requesting a demo and trying out the AerSMASH for a month at no obligation. We will measure the values inside your cold store before and after installing the unit to show you what results can be achieved with the AerSMASH device!

  • No more freezing

    Freezing is more expensive than refrigerating. Thanks to AerSMASH, it will be less necessary to opt for freezing your products.

  • Try it out

    Convince yourself by having an AerSMASH unit installed and trying it out. The system is easy to install on your current air treatment system.

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