AerSMASH-unit voor transport


With the application of the AerSMASH technology in the transport industry, your (fresh) food products are transported within a controlled environment in which bacteria and fungi are reduced or even eliminated, rendering them unable to establish themselves on your fresh food products during transport. From shipping containers, road and rail transport to fish-holds on fishing trawlers, AerSMASH has developed solutions for all fresh food product needs. Besides odours, bacteria and fungi, AerSMASH also eliminates ethylene, the compound that promotes the ripening and rotting processes of fruits and vegetables. With AerSMASH you’ll not only drastically reduce spoilage during transport, but you’ll also contribute to the environment. Since the AerSMASH unit converts the ethylene into clean air, the loading space does not need to be ventilated or cooled as much.

Cold stores

AerSMASH helps to keep your refrigerated products fresher for longer by maintaining a clean and pure air quality.

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Container transport

AerSMASH units are excellent tools in transporting fresh produce in containers. During transport of fresh fruit and vegetables, AerSMASH eliminates odours, bacteria and fungi, as well as ethylene.

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