AerSMASH-unit voor kantoor


Your offices are an important part of your staff’s life. They typically spend about a third of their day there, so it is important to make the indoor office environment as pleasant as possible. Many companies invest in the comfort of their staff, but the quality of the air they breathe is something that is often overlooked. The AerSMASH Roomcleaner ensures that your employees always have fresh, clean air inside the offices. Do you often have clients visit? The Roomcleaner can be a valuable addition to your offices in this way too. Your clients will really notice the pleasant, naturally fresh smell of your office. This is even more the case if your company is in an industry where odours typically make their way from the work floor into the offices.

The Roomcleaner complements any interior

The Roomcleaner is a modified AerSMASH unit featuring a stylish, minimalistic design with a sleek metal casing and leather handle. The device complements essentially any interior, making it a valuable addition to your work environment.

Reduce hay fever symptoms

The Roomcleaner eliminates harmful particles from the air in a size range of 0.3 to 10 micrometres. This leads to a healthier indoor environment with, for example, significantly reduced hay fever complaints. By eliminating pollen, allergens and other harmful particles, the AerSMASH Roomcleaner produces a cleaner work environment.

  • Roomcleaner

    The AerSMASH Roomcleaner unit has a stylish design and complements any interior. The matte black metal casing gives a professional look to any office.

  • Staff

    Your staff spend a lot of time in your offices, which is why it’s important to ensure fresh, clean air inside.

  • Visitors

    Your visitors will appreciate it when your offices smell nice and fresh inside, especially for businesses in the production industry.

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