AerSMASH-unit voor hospitality


For the hospitality sector we have developed a modified, stylish variant of the AerSMASH unit - the Roomcleaner. The Roomcleaner significantly improves indoor air quality. A smoky hotel room, for example, is transformed in a matter of minutes into a room with clean, fresh air. It is also effective for spaces with unpleasant odours! The Roomcleaner eliminates harmful particles from the air within a range of 0.3 up to 10 micrometres in size. By eliminating pollen, allergens and other harmful particles, the AerSMASH Roomcleaner device creates a cleaner indoor environment. Contaminants such as pollen are also eliminated by the plasma filter, reducing allergy complaints amongst your guests. When you want to give your guests the best possible experience, it is important to be able to guarantee fresh, clean air, free of contaminants and irritants. The AerSMASH Roomcleaner provides this in every part of the hospitality sector.


As a hotel owner, you want your guests to have as comfortable a stay as possible. This is reflected in the quality of the rooms, decor, service, dining options, etc.

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Your offices are an important part of your staff’s life. They typically spend about a third of their day there, so it is important to make the indoor office environment as pleasant as possible.

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Hygiene is extremely important in hospitals. Since the patients are vulnerable, it’s important to minimise risks to them.

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