AerSMASH-unit voor visserij


The use of AerSMASH makes a big difference in the fishery sector. Odours, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other micro-organisms are eliminated, thereby extending the quality of your fresh fish products. With AerSMASH you also extend compliance with the high quality standards in the sector as well as preventing the risk of undesired contamination. Your fish will stay fresher for longer as a result, and you’ll also be reducing costs as well as lost product. Since the AerSMASH units remove these micro-organisms from the air, the fish will retain its freshness and quality for longer. Our technique can be used in every part of the production chain. AerSMASH can be used in the loading area of the fishing vessel, in fish auctions, during transport, in fish processing stations as well as in cold stores.

Quote: “Oromar is very satisfied about the odour reduction in the processing area and in the cold stores, but even in the other areas of the ship the smell is greatly reduced. It has also resulted in better quality of the Norway lobster and extended freshness.”
Jelle Pasterkamp. Oromar B.V. Urk

Use with Norway lobsters and other crustaceans

Melanosis is a common phenomenon with Norway lobsters and other crustaceans: the blood colour compounds change, causing certain organs to turn black. The melanosis is caused by an enzyme (PPO) in the lobster. The melanosis process is commonly slowed by submerging the lobster in a sulphite bath, where the sulphite removes the intestinal contents, delaying melanosis. When a lobster dies, production of PPO increases exorbitantly. Bacteria and fungi are then also able to establish themselves. These speed up the release of PPO, causing the shell of the lobster to blacken faster. AerSMASH eliminates bacteria and fungi from the air, allowing you to delay melanosis and retain the freshness and quality of your prized fish produce for longer.

AerSMASH effective against Listeria

Listeria is a bacteria capable of reproducing at temperatures below freezing. They are a big problem in the food industry as well as throughout the fishery (not only salmon) sector. After all, any control methods based on freezing are ineffective. One of the ways Listeria proliferates is by sticking to large dust particles in the air. Such dust particles can be released, for example, from the cleaning of surfaces using a high-pressure sprayer. The power of the sprayer causes oils (oils that Listeria attaches to) on the surface to be released into the air. The oily particles (vectors) with the Listeria attached can then land onto surfaces that have just been cleaned, opening up the opportunity for the Listeria to continue spreading. AerSMASH sucks particles from the air released during cleaning activities, thereby eliminating the vectors and the Listeria attached to them. AerSMASH therefore effectively addresses the Listeria problem in the food industry, strongly reducing or even entirely eliminating it.

  • Processing

    There will be fewer losses during the fish processing stages due to the fish (still) being of high quality. The fish can furthermore be refrigerated for longer, saving costs further.

  • Fish market

    The air in the auction area will be noticeably more pleasant, as the fish odour will be noticeably reduced. In addition, the fish will retain its freshness for longer and quality will be noticeably better.

  • Ships

    AerSMASH can be used aboard your fishing vessel inside the fish hold, extending the freshness of your catch and minimising post-catch losses.

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