AerSMASH-unit voor zuivel


The concept behind AerSMASH is equally beneficial in the dairy industry. By purifying the air of contaminants such as enzymes, fungi, bacteria and odours, you can retain the freshness and quality of your fresh products for longer. You’ll save costs and have less spoilage. AerSMASH is a real added value to your company and revenue!

AerSMASH eliminates Penicillium fungus

Penicillium fungi can be both beneficial and harmful. Some are used for making antibiotics, others in making cheese or other products. But there are other Penicillium species that are harmful to health. Penicillium fungi propagate via spores that grow on the periphery of a fungal population. These spores cannot move on their own but are instead distributed through the air, descending down again in a different place. Under appropriate conditions (sufficient nutrients, the right temperature and air humidity, not too much salt), the spores sprout and form a new mould patch, continuing the cycle.

Cheese packaging facilities

In cheese packaging facilities, fungi can spread in a variety of ways. The cheeses must mature in rooms with a specific air humidity and temperature, which are regulated by AHUs (Air Handling Units). The filters in the units only filter large particles. The particles collected by the filter can become a feeding ground for all sorts of fungi and bacteria. These bacteria and fungi can, however, pass through the filter and travel through the entire treatment chain and eventually be blown right back into the packaging facility where the cheeses are stored to mature. They settle onto the cheeses, allowing mould and spores to develop and spoil the cheeses.

By placing a set of AerSMASH units behind the AHU filters, the fungi and spores can be eliminated, saving you costs due to spoiled cheeses.

  • Cheese

    AerSMASH prevents the transfer of fungi and bacteria into your packaging facility, so that the cheeses are much less likely to spoil.

  • Penicillium fungi

    While some Penicillium fungi are useful in cheese-making, certainly not all strains are beneficial. AerSMASH eliminates Penicillium fungi in the air, preventing them from establishing and propagating.

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