AerSMASH-unit food


AerSMASH is of great benefit to the food sector. The AerSMASH units eliminate odours, bacteria and fungi from the air, thereby extending the freshness and quality of your products. An additional advantage of using the AerSMASH air purification system is reduced spoilage during the production process, allowing you to maximise your volume for sale and minimise wasted product. Moreover, AerSMASH improves the general hygiene within your company, thereby facilitating compliance with NVWA requirements as well as other quality certifications. Our units will help you in controlling bacteria such as Listeria and strongly reduce the incidence of conditions such as Blackspot without having to use agents like sulphite. Read below how AerSMASH can benefit your sector.


The use of AerSMASH makes a big difference in the fishery sector. Odours, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other micro-organisms are eliminated, thereby extending the quality of your fresh fish products.

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The concept behind AerSMASH is equally beneficial in the dairy industry. By purifying the air of contaminants.

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Just as it has in the food industry in general, AerSMASH has also proven its value in the fruits and vegetables industry. The AerSMASH units are effective against the effects and spread of fungi.

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