Improving the air, the environment and the quality of your products.

AerSMASH is an air-purifying device that almost completely eliminates bacteria, pollen, odours, spores, smoke and other harmful contaminants from the air. Since the AerSMASH technology can be used in virtually any industry, a number of different models have been developed. They all help contribute to a responsible, sustainable living environment. This means that there is little to no waste in the food production chain and that the living and working environment is improved. AerSMASH treats, cleans and monitors the air. It eliminates fungi, odours and bacteria, thereby improving the air quality and resulting in improved conditions for the environment, products and the working environment of your employees. Find out more about how AerSMASH can help you in your industry.

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AerSMASH is of great benefit to the food sector. The AerSMASH units eliminate odours, bacteria and fungi from the air, thereby extending the freshness and quality of your products.

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With the application of the AerSMASH technology in the transport industry, your (fresh) food products are transported within a controlled environment in which bacteria and fungi are reduced or even eliminated, rendering them unable to establish thems

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For the hospitality sector we have developed a modified, stylish variant of the AerSMASH unit - the Roomcleaner. The Roomcleaner significantly improves indoor air quality. A smoky hotel room, for example, is transformed in a matter of minutes into a room with clean, fresh air.

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