What is AerSMASH?

AerSMASH eliminates fungi, odours and bacteria, pollen, spores, smoke and other harmful substances from the air, This doesn’t just result in pure, clean air, but at the same time improves the environment/working environment and the quality of your products. AerSMASH is a proven concept, which has been marketed both nationally and internationally.

AerSMASH – Pure Improvement. Improving the air, environment and quality of your products.

How does AerSMASH work?

The AerSMASH unit purifies air using plasma technology. By injecting ionised plasma, a chemical reaction removes hydrogen molecules from the harmful air particles, causing these particles to decay and lose their harmful charge. The AerSMASH unit thereby also has a positive effect on human and animal health and quality of the product.

AerSMASH as an extension of nature

The ionisation process of plasma originates in nature. Humans produce more contaminated air than nature is able to purify, which is why AerSMASH gives nature a helping hand. Depending on the quantity of contaminated air and the size of the room to be kept clean, we calculate the quantity of plasma the unit needs. We also consider the best way of installing the unit or adding it to the existing air conditioning system.